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Neptune City Police Department

106 West Sylvania Avenue

Neptune City, NJ 07753

Ph: (732)-775-1615


Serving with Pride

Firearms Application General Questions

Upon completion of the attached application, contact Neptune City Police Department’s Detective Bureau at 732-775-1615 Ext. 17 or 39 to make an appointment to turn in your application.

All applications must be reviewed by a Detective before submitting.

IN most cases the application process takes 4-6 weeks to complete, however is some cases it may take longer. DO NOT CALL US, WE WILL CALL YOU when completed.

References are a person who you have known for more than three years and are not a member of the Neptune City Police Department.

A person who has reached the age of eighteen (18), can apply for a Firearms ID Card. They are not eligible to apply for a Pistol Purchase Permit.

A person over the age of twenty one (21) can apply for a Pistol Purchase Permit.

Fingerprints & Background checks:

If  you are applying for your initial Firearms ID card and initial application for a handgun, you will be provided with a form to have your fingerprints completed through the current vendor for the State of NJ. The fee schedule will be on the form and can be paid through the vendor.

If you have been issued a Firearms ID Card and you are making an application for a change of address, a replacement card of a Pistol Purchase Permit, you will be issued a form which explains the process to request a background check.  The fee is paid through the website you will be provided.