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Neptune City Police Department

106 West Sylvania Avenue

Neptune City, NJ 07753

Ph: (732)-775-1615


Serving with Pride

Resident Information

Whether you are visiting, passing through or living in Neptune City, The Neptune City Police Department is here to assist you, keep you safe and worry free.

Visit the Safety Council for tips on making your home life safe...

Please do not forget about planning for emergencies...

If you plan on being out of town for any extended period of time, or you have a home in Neptune City that will be vacant, please let us know and we will conduct a daily check of the home and property while you are away.  This is a free service provided to every home in the borough. Call Neptune City Police Department and say you would like to be placed on the Vacant House List at 732-775-1615 or complete the Vacant house check request form and bring it to Neptune City Police Headquarters.

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