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Neptune City Police Department

106 West Sylvania Avenue

Neptune City, NJ 07753

Ph: (732)-775-1615


Serving with Pride

The fee for towing of all vehicles as provided in Neptune City shall be ninety dollars ($90.) per tow. In addition, the following extra fees may be charged:

(1) Any vehicle in need of repositioning/overturned prior to tow will not exceed seventy-five dollars ($75.).

(2) Scene clean up may not exceed twenty dollars ($20.).

(3) There shall be no fee charged to the Borough of Neptune City for the towing of any borough vehicle within five (5) miles.

Where passenger vehicles, including mopeds and motorcycles, are stored prior to reclamation by the owner, the fee shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.) per day to begin at midnight on the first day.

Where the owner of a vehicle requests a wrecker for a service call, on a vehicle not to be towed, the charge for this service shall not exceed the Borough of Neptune City rates for towing.

The above fees apply to passenger vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles, and small trucks under ten thousand (10,000) pounds.

Any vehicle over ten thousand (10,000) pounds or requiring special facilities and/or equipment (buses, tractor-trailers, large or oversized vehicles, etc.) will require arrangement between the owner or driver and the wrecker operator.

If a vehicle is towed by the Neptune City Police Department for violations of NJ motor vehicle laws, the vehicle will only be released to the owner by the Neptune City Police after receiving proper insurance information. The Neptune City Police will release the vehicle only when the proper information is obtained. The vehicle will be released by the tow company after the owner obtains the release in writing from the shift supervisor.  

Click Here for more information on Wreckers and Towing, refer to the Neptune City Borough Ordinance Article 138.

Towed Vehicle Information